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Sparking Creativity

Share your ideas and resources here including any valuable links to resources.

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Outdated Traditions and Sacred Cows

Think about the context of the team you are working in and the system of education you are a part of.

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4 New Paradigms for Pedagogy

Which of these paradigm shifts will be the most challenging in your context and why?

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Building Capability

What are some of the implications of making this shift toward building capability?

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Barriers to Fostering Originality and Creativity in Students

What do you see as the biggest barriers to fostering originality and creativity in students?

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Lack of Tenacity and Optimism

How are you seeing a lack of tenacity and optimism impacting your students?

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The Impact of the Self-Esteem Movement in Students

How are you seeing the impact of the Self-Esteem Movement expressed in the students you are engaging with?

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Teaching for Tomorrow – 5 Macro Trends that will Shape the Future

Which of these 5 Macro Trends will have the biggest impact on shaping the future?

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Trends that will Shape the World of our Students

Think about the changes and trends that will shape the world our students will know in the years to come.

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