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Teacher Community of Practice

This Community of Practice is designed to encourage Teachers to engage in a professional community network to broaden knowledge and improve practice.

As Etienne Wenger (2014) states “A community of practice is a group of people who share a concern or a passion for something they do, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly”.

Contribute to the forums below to share with your colleagues:

  • Strategies that you have used to communicate and connect more effectively with your students
  • Resources you have used to engage students in their learning – including ICT (Information and Communication Technology) resources
  • How you have used storytelling to link learning in your teaching practice
  • Teaching Gen Z – share your story of the challenges you have faced and what strategies you have used or could use to manage these challenges

Community of Practice

Teaching For Tomorrow

Sparking Creativity

Share your ideas and resources here including any valuable links to resources.

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Outdated Traditions and Sacred Cows

Think about the context of the team you are working in and the system of education you are a part of.

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4 New Paradigms for Pedagogy

Which of these paradigm shifts will be the most challenging in your context and why?

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Building Capability

What are some of the implications of making this shift toward building capability?

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Barriers to Fostering Originality and Creativity in Students

What do you see as the biggest barriers to fostering originality and creativity in students?

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Lack of Tenacity and Optimism

How are you seeing a lack of tenacity and optimism impacting your students?

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The Impact of the Self-Esteem Movement in Students

How are you seeing the impact of the Self-Esteem Movement expressed in the students you are engaging with?

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Teaching for Tomorrow – 5 Macro Trends that will Shape the Future

Which of these 5 Macro Trends will have the biggest impact on shaping the future?

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Trends that will Shape the World of our Students

Think about the changes and trends that will shape the world our students will know in the years to come.

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Community of Practice

Engaging The 21ST Century Learner

The Seven Languages of Respect for Teachers and Students

When do you feel respected by your students? Is there something that you have implemented with your students that you feel has encouraged respect?

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Communication Strategies

Share the strategies you have used to communicate and connect more effectively with your students.

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Share how you have used storytelling to link learning in your teaching practice.

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Teaching Generation Z

Share your experiences teaching Gen Z. What are their characteristics? What are some of the challenges? What strategies could be used to manage these challenges? Share your story.

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